Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic

  • Consultancy services related to the connection into the TARGET2 system
  • Installation and configuration of SWIFTAlliance Access server, communication software SWIFTNet Link, SWIFTAlliance Gateway and SWIFTAlliance Workstations and Webstations
  • Colsuntancy regarding the building of interfaces between that systems of Depository, which create inputs and receive outputs into/from the SWIFT system
  • Configuration of SWIFT security, PKI certificate services, installation of the hardware security module, key exchange
  • Supporting the registration of participants into the TARGET2 testing environment (SWIFT e-ordering, SSP forms)
  • Supporting of connectivity testing, interoperability testing and country testing
  • Troubleshooting and communication with SWIFT customer support center
  • Education of employees, including the delivery of study materials

Unibon, savings and credit society

  • Analysis of possibilities of implementation and configuration of SWIFTAlliance Access in connection with joining the organization the TARGET2 payment system


  • Consultancy regarding the information security configuration for remote access solution of a client of Solvere company


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